We are talented, tenacious, savvy, insightful, funny, fearless, nimble and passionate. We are perceptiv



why we're perceptiv:

As a full service communications firm, we create strategic solutions that defy simple categories or approaches. One thing is always the same, we start the process by being perceptive — to clients, audiences, wants, needs and expectations. What we learn is then carefully crafted into solutions that stimulate, persuade and ultimately convince audiences to make an emotional connection, change a perception, or take action. It's not an approach we just talk about, it's one we employ every day, because it's one that has worked time and time again.

The Perceptiv approach has worked for a vast array of companies and organizations to produce solutions that range from print and video to interactive and everything in between. Because we've always worked across all mediums, it just seems natural. And more effective. Especially today when it's easier than ever to deliver the message, but more and more difficult to have it resonate.

what's with the name?

Clients kept telling us "you guys just get it". After years of hearing this, we finally gave in, and a brand was born. Now Perceptiv is not only what we are, but who we are.
dave schwartz | partner
By definition, perceptive means having the power of insight, understanding or intuition. More importantly, for our clients Perceptiv means something else — results.
craig rettig | partner

what we're perceptiv about:

  • branding

    We work closely with clients of all sizes to craft a compelling brand personality that succinctly tells the world who you are and what you stand for.
  • marketing

    Our multi-disciplinary teams work closely with you to develop compelling messages tied to your brand's personality across multiple mediums.
  • communications

    Insightful research and strategic planning are the foundation of the look, feel and voice that will successfully convey your messaging to your audiences.
  • interactive

    We blend architecture, design and technology to create a user experience that satisfies, engages and most importantly, produces results.


the perceptiv client

We are passionate about helping our clients succeed. It's why we're in business and why so many clients keep coming back. Since our client experience and expertise is extensive — from startup to Fortune 500, we draw from a deep well that has produced enviable work—and results—in almost every category. We find that one of our greatest strengths is the variety of successful experience with other clients and categories that we can bring to bear on your marketing challenges. To call ourselves perceptiv, our solutions have to be as varied as your challenges.




how can we help?

Do you have questions? An upcoming project? Or just want some advice? We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or drop us an email and let us show you how we can exceed your expectations.


we invite you to contact:

Craig Rettig | craigr@veryperceptiv.com
888.498.9488 x29

the perceptiv team:

Nick Cavarra, Social Media | nickc@veryperceptiv.com
Gary Davis, New Biz | garyd@veryperceptiv.com
Alan Hyman, Media | alanh@veryperceptiv.com
Aaron King, Creative | aaronk@veryperceptiv.com
Michele McCarthy, Creative Director | michelem@veryperceptiv.com
Craig Rettig, Account Management/Partner | craigr@veryperceptiv.com
Eric Sagucio, Projects | erics@veryperceptiv.com
David Schwartz, Creative/Partner | daves@veryperceptiv.com
Nathan Seron, Production | nathans@veryperceptiv.com
Andre Verona, Creative/Interactive | andrev@veryperceptiv.com